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AEC Design Group Releases CADPIPE 8.2 | Building & Design

AEC Design Group Releases CADPIPE 8.2


Gaithersburg, MD, Feburary 2007. AEC Design Group announces the release of CADPIPE version 8.2. This impressive new release adds enhanced functionality and customization features, making it the most complete AutoCAD based Pipe/HVAC solution. Using CADPIPE is the fastest and easiest way to create professional accurate 3D models, design drawings, coordination, and fabrication drawings. CADPIPE 8.2 demonstrates AEC Design Group’s continuing dedication to provide easy-to-use, powerful, and truly comprehensive AutoCAD based Piping and HVAC software.

Added functionality eases use & increases efficiency

In addition to its current powerful drawing features and specification controls, CADPIPE 8.2 has added many features to help make designing more intuitive and productive. The Isolate command in all CADPIPE products allows orbital viewing of selected items or runs of Pipe/HVAC while remaining in plan view. Fittings in CADPIPE are dynamically rotated in place to ensure proper orientation. Simply double-clicking any fitting can now activate the powerful CADPIPE Query command. Also, a ToolTip feature allows users to select any information to display when they place the cursor over or select a CADPIPE item.

One new feature in CADPIPE Commercial Pipe 8.2 is the Iso Dimension Pipe/Valve command. This allows users to select a piece of pipe or a valve and ISO dimension it with the actual length of the pipe/valve selected, subtracting out the weld gaps and adding the engagements.

CADPIPE HVAC 8.2 now allows the selection of Vulcan defaults for downloading. When these settings are ON, the defaults set at the Vulcan table are used instead of fitting/duct values from CADPIPE. Another added option is the ability to draw Rect/Rnd Diffusers as Tapered (original style) or Flat Faced. This allows Supply/Return symbols to be placed across the top face of the Diffuser without tapering being mistaken for “Supply”.

CADPIPE Electrical 8.2 adds optional circuit checking during placement of wires and attachment of circuits to panels. This ensures wire gauges match on circuits, voltages match, and loads do not exceed the wiring amps. You can also now attach as many as 32 circuits to the panel when placing a panel/generic box from a dynamic list of existing circuits. A new parameter added to electrical components for CADPIPE 8.2 is Load in watts. This information can be queried and also can be reported (by circuit with components). The Electrical report shows total load in watts and in amps, as well as resistance.

CADPIPE 8.2 is compatible with AutoCAD 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, as well as Architectural and Mechanical Desktop.

Download CADPIPE 8.2 and discover the power of CADPIPE for yourself at

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