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HydrauliCAD Water System Design / Analysis Software |

HydrauliCAD Water System Design / Analysis Software

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A Quick to Learn – Easy to Use water system design / analysis software that has no annual fee along with unlimited support and tutoring by phone.

HydrauliCAD is Designed to be Powerful, run Fast, and to be So Intuitive that Task & Tool Methods quickly become “Obvious” for AutoCAD users.

HydrauliCAD Running in AutoCAD 2014
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Accurate Calculations done seamlessly using the industry accepted EPANET calculation engine.
Analysis can be done in either fixed time or in Dynamic Time Steps.

A flexible Scenario Engine  allows user to easily set up virtually any hydraulic situation.  Valves open and close at preset times, pumps and valves turn off and on by tank elevation, demands can be varied at any outlet or groups of outlets  – just about any control you wish.

Create, Edit and Store all User Settings in AutoCAD Options

The many user settings needed for water system design and hydraulic analysis are contained and ordered inside of AutoCAD Options. Creating and editing settings is easy and fast.

Object Size and Color-By: User can easily Color-By any property – Pipes by Velocity, Pipe Flow, etc. and Nodes by Pressure, Outflow, Base Demand  etc.

Label Size, Position and Color: Property Value Labels are easily created for various presentations.

(Object and Label Size and Appearance can quickly be preset to display correctly for different plot scales)

Object Templates: (Pipes and Nodes) preset to facilitate efficient object placement into drawing.

Mix and Match Units: allow user to design in familiar units and output plots in the client’s preferred units.

Further: Any or All Settings can be easily transferred / dragged and dropped into another drawing.

Other settings in Options are displayed on our web site.

A Quick Hydraulic Query can be used to select specific property values and ranges of values.

Contact Information.

HydrauliCAD Software

HydrauliCAD Software

tele: 604 542 6410 (PST)

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