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RenderFarm On Wheels (ROW) Hardware – Software – Service

Create the world’s first turn-key dedicated rendering solution

The First Turn-Key Rendering Solution

The Renderfarm on Wheels marks the first time in the history of the industry that your business has access to a complete, self-contained, turn-key render farm solution. A base model ROW configuration features five renderBOXX modules neatly fitted into your choice of a 14, 24, or 42U mobile rack complete with master node, storage, network switch, display, keyboard, a host of available software options, and dedicated service.

Sound Familiar?

You’re busy with post work, but your pipeline demand is so great that local rendering has transformed your artists’ workstations into wait stations. The solution is dedicated rendering, but books on building your own render farm don’t exist. You need substantial knowledge, skill, and experience, but like most small to medium size businesses, you have limited IT resources or no IT department at all. That’s why we created the Renderfarm on Wheels. ROW requires only Ethernet and power, so connecting it to your current workstations is easy. Simply plug it in and get ready to experience the incredible advantages and time/ money savings of ROW.