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New Autokitchen release: Autokitchen 7.5 |

New Autokitchen release: Autokitchen 7.5

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Autokitchen 7.5 is a 3D, stand alone, software solution for kitchen and bathroom designers. Autokitchen 7.5 comes in two versions: Studio and Pro.

Autokitchen 7.5 Studio includes three universal kitchen catalogs and seven door styles plus many appliances, accessories and textures. Autokitchen 7.5 Pro includes three extensive universal kitchen catalogs and over one hundred and forty door styles as well as many brand name appliances, and a Catalog Editor that can be used to permanently customize the cabinet specifications and codes, door names, and handles. The Catalog Editor allows users to convert the universal catalogs into their supplier’s catalogs. Autokitchen 7.5 Pro includes Estimate, a pricing module that also generates a list of all the elements placed in a design. As an additional option, a Catalog Builder module can be purchased separately. The Catalog Builder allows the user or manufacturer to create, update and maintain his or her own catalogs.


Twelve months support and software upgrades plus an on-line training session included with purchase of Autokitchen 7.5 Pro. Additional support and training programs are available.


Call 201-503-0435. For more information, you can also visit:


Autokitchen 7.5 Pro: $2,695 plus shipping. Autokitchen 7.5 Studio: $895 plus shipping.

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