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PolyTrans|CAD 3D Conversion Software | Media & Entertainment

Supported Autodesk Products: Autodesk Motion Builder, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3ds Max
Other Supported Autodesk Products: AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, Revit Series, Navisworks Series, Autodesk Design Review (DWF)
Compatible/Supported Operating Systems: All versions of Microsoft Windows

Now in its third decade of development, PolyTrans|CAD is used by tens of thousands of production studios and professional 3D users to cross convert crack-free and render-perfect BREP solids CAD models (in native formats, not reverse engineered secondary CAD formats), and all skinning + animation data, between 3ds Max, Maya, LightWave, CINEMA 4D and all major downstream file formats ranging from COLLADA to Wavefront OBJ and dozens more.

It is now commonplace, via the widespread use of PolyTrans|CAD, to use Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya to create product brochures, technical documentation and presentation materials of CAD data. PolyTrans|CAD allows all disparate departments of companies (such as engineering, design, marketing and support), and animation production companies alike, to easily exchange and re-use product data without the need to rebuild their 3D datasets.

PolyTrans|CAD imports from native CAD file formats such as ACIS SAT, Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD, CATIA v4+5, DWG, DWF, IGES, JT Open, Microstation DGN, Parasolid, ProE/Creo, Rhino-3D, Solid Edge, SolidWorks, STEP, STL, XGL, U3D, VDA-FS, XGL, X3D and many others. In addition, dozens of complete and full implementations of all other major 3D DCC file formats are supported such as 3ds Max, Maya, CINEMA 4D, COLLADA, FBX, LightWave,  DirectX, OpenFlight, PDB, SketchUp, VRML, XAML and X3D.

Data translation is a very critical business for which Okino’s professional production customers demand perfect conversions, and as such Okino has always guaranteed its data translation software. The software incorporates hundreds of man years of development and over 2 decades of customer usage, testing and refinement which has made PolyTrans the main conversion system used throughout the 3D software industry.

Features & Benefits

  • The absolute most robust and highest quality 3D converters in the industry with 2 decades of development, used extensively by tens of thousands of professional end-users.

Lithography machine, 3ds Max, © 2017 Digital Engine Studios

  • Tight integration into 3ds Max’s and Maya’s core scene graph allows all CAD conversions to be performed from within the user interface of 3ds Max or Maya.
  • Import parts, assemblies, hierarchy and materials directly from a running copy or native file of Autodesk Inventor, Solid Edge or Solid Works into any Autodesk product. Unique!
  • Developed by some of the most experienced Okino CAD import developers where quality, robustness and completeness has set apart our converters from all others.
  • Access to robust polygon processing tools which can take impossible-to-render datasets and turn them into renderable models (auto-weld, auto-unification, reorientation of normals, polygon reduction).
  • Okino provides excellent, hands-on and personal tech support, for free, with each software package. We know 3D graphics and data translation inside-out! Full CAD rendering (scanline + ray tracing), viewing and scene composition functions via Okino’s ”NuGraf” software for CAD.

Where to Buy

Available directly from Okino Computer Graphics or from a wide range of Int’l resellers.


US$640 and up with optional add-on converter modules.