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Rendering is the process of generating an image from a model or models in a scene file, and though the technical details of rendering methods vary, the challenges faced by creative professionals as they produce a 2D image from a 3D representation, are universal. That’s why BOXX Technologies, equipped with a line of record-setting, 3DBOXX workstations, dedicated rendering systems, professional software applications, and expertise, remains committed to providing complete CPU-based or GPU-based rendering solutions for VFX, animation, post production, engineering, product design, architectural visualization and more.

Searching for Answers

Chances are you’re a digital creative content professional who understands that “time is money,” and that axiom has motivated your search for a rendering solution that will unclog those bottlenecks in your current production workflow. But if you’ve ever searched for answers from most top tier computer manufacturers, you already know the score.

These giants may employ thousands at busy call centers throughout the world, but if you ask them a question about rendering, silence follows. BOXX, on the other hand, provides solutions to fit any situation: desk side systems, rack mounted modules, turn-key render farms, and a complete line of rendering applications and engines like Autodesk® mental ray® and iray®, V-Ray®, QUBE!™, EnFuzion, and more. But BOXX rendering expertise does not end there. They also partner with software standard bearers like Autodesk Consulting and Pipeline FX for installation and training, ensuring that their customers will benefit from industry leading knowledge—as well as innovative solutions that will save time, money, and increase productivity and profit.

As a solution provider, BOXX builds professional grade, custom built, rendering systems, featuring enterprise-class components like Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 series processors. For content creation, visualization, and simulation, the Intel® Xeon® enables outstanding performance for digital content creation and advanced workflow modeling. It also conserves energy. Enabled by Intel® Turbo Boost Technology, the Intel Xeon automatically moves into the lowest available power state without experiencing any compromise to performance.

New from BOXX

renderBOXX 10600

The latest system from BOXX is the newly redesigned renderBOXX—the longtime flagship of their rendering line-up. Incorporating the latest technology, renderBOXX is a streamlined, single-node module featuring a chassis design that allows for outstanding installation flexibility. Two renderBOXX modules (up to 16 cores in each), fit neatly into a 1U rack mounting space, while 10 units (up to 160 total cores) occupy a 4U space.

Featuring dual eight (or six) core Intel Xeon E5-2600 processors (2.9 GHz), support for up to 256 GB of RAM, and networked architecture, the new renderBOXX dedicated rendering system is specifically designed to deliver outstanding performance for intensive 3D graphics and animation workflows.

The newly redesigned renderPRO brings dedicated rendering to your desk side

“Creativity can be amplified with powerful Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 product family based workstations and rendering technologies, but the inspiration all starts with the amazing and imaginative skills of an artist or animator,” said Frank Soqui, Workstation Group General Manager, Intel Corporation. “Artists and animators make stories come to life with solutions like BOXX Technologies’ workstations, renderBOXX, and renderPRO that use Intel Xeon processors and Solid-state drives we like to think we help them do it faster than they ever had before.”


renderPRO, the industry’s first personal, dedicated rendering module is so compact that it easily fits on top of a workstation, yet so powerful that it features dual Intel Xeon ES-2600 processors to quickly render the most detailed images and animation. Available in both a 12 core or 16 core processor configuration, renderPRO saves time, accelerates workflow, and increases productivity because it allows users to free their workstation from rendering duties while providing true dedicated rendering performance.

renderPRO was the ideal solution for CG artist and filmmaker Jonathan Monaghan on his 2011 3D animated short Dauphin 007, which screened at the San Francisco International Animation Festival, the Literati Film Festival in New York, the GIRAF Animation Festival in Calgary, and the BFI Southbank onedotzero adventures in moving image festival in London.

Four renderPRO modules create a “personal” render farm. A single renderBOXX module (w/ 8 cores)

“renderPRO allowed me to not only test renders as I was working, but in fact, render whole parts of my film while I was finishing up other portions,” says Monaghan. “I have tight deadlines where I have to complete the work before a certain screening or exhibition. My renderPRO was invaluable in meeting these deadlines; I just leave it running throughout the day and before I know it, I have a whole HD sequence finished. It also allowed me to have more fun with my scenes by not having to worry about crashes or extreme render times.”

A single renderBOXX module (w/ 8 cores)
RenderFarm on Wheels: The turn-key rendering solution

A Render Farm on Wheels
A complete, turn-key rendering solution, ROW: RenderFarm on Wheels is founded on a unique combination of hardware, software and support. The base model ROW hardware configuration features ten Intel Xeon E5-2600-based renderBOXX modules neatly fitted into a 24-unit rack complete with master node, storage, network switch, display and keyboard. BOXX also equips ROW with professional applications, including Autodesk creation software (Autodesk® Maya® and/or Autodesk® 3ds Max®), real-time visualization capability (Autodesk Showcase or Autodesk Opticore Studio software), queuing software with PipelineFX QUBE!™, and rendering through mental ray® or V-Ray®. Support arrives from a BOXX partnership with Autodesk Consulting, providing expert, on-site hardware and software support, especially valuable for those with limited experience using dedicated rendering solutions.

“We have a global team with expertise in a broad range of industries,” said Doron Helfman, director of Worldwide Manufacturing Consulting at Autodesk. “We are keenly aware of the rendering issues businesses are facing. ROW helps to resolve many of those issues, requiring no IT department and arriving with unparalleled software and hardware support from Autodesk Consulting and BOXX.”

Whether you choose renderBOXX, renderPRO, ROW, (or rely on desktop rendering with 3DBOXX), expert BOXX consultants can help you select the ideal Intel Xeon-based solution for your creative business.

BOXX rendering solutions are made in the U.S.A., feature a three year warranty, and are backed by legendary BOXX Technical Support.

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