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The Future Is 3D Animation

For the three-dimensional (3D) computer graphics that are devoted to digital entertainment creation (DEC), the key is the technological and creative innovation in relation to the context of the animation. Today, we all can enjoy great products like audio/video-rich entertainment in films and television as well as simulations of engineering and architectural projects in 3D computer graphics. The vertical markets—from real-time simulation to film production—require people who are specialized in animation. Looking at the statistics, it’s important to understand that the digital animation industry is the central meeting place for those who produce media content.

Today, the Media & Entertainment market is evolving based primarily on the development of renderings that are ever-more photorealistic. This market also is being driven by animations that are both rich in dynamics and physics. For example, the creation of animation allows engineers and architects to make a project very clear for the customer or lender. It also enables one to clarify a project’s purpose in a way that might be both scalable and sustainable. For example, Autodesk Civil 3D or Inventor—in combination with 3ds Max Design—provides some clear examples of integration and flexibility of work for design, animation, and digital representation.