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renderPRO series

The Personal Rendering Option


renderPRO is the world’s first personal, dedicated rendering solution for 3D graphics, animation and compositing workflows. Available in three models (PRO4, PRO8, and PRO12), renderPRO frees your workstation and brings dedicated rendering to your desk side.


renderPRO makes rendering personal. You don’t need a server room, IT personnel, or budget approval. Forget waiting on your workstation or standing in line for time on the studio render farm. renderPRO is quiet, compact, and fits on top of your workstation, at your desk, or anywhere with a network connection, so now you can render the images you’ve created right at your desk. renderPRO puts dedicated rendering at your fingertips and puts rendering decisions back in your hands.


Featuring Intel® Xeon® series processors, renderPRO4 (single quad core), PRO8 (dual quad core), and PRO12 (dual six core) deliver professional grade performance.


The professional grade renderPRO empowers you to deliver complex projects within budget and on schedule by drastically reducing your rendering time. When you create on your workstation and render with renderPRO, you’ll be able to keep pace with increased demand and grow your business by taking on larger (and more profitable) design projects. And wouldn’t you rather use your workstation for creating instead of bogging it down with rendering tasks? Free your workstation and creativity will follow.