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One of the greatest revolutions in design and entertainment industry is certainly 3D computer graphics. From a scientific instrument of assessment it has now become a global multimedia revolution. This revolution is affecting all vertical markets transforming the idea of art and highly specialized areas. This is an unprecedented cultural, artistic and professional media phenomenon.

Autodesk is the leading company in design and production software for sectors as BIM, AEC and DEC. There are many possible solutions in terms of software and they are related to different and highly creative markets. In these markets we can find the highest standards in experience and competence.

Our way of thinking and imagining changes with the developing innovations. Thanks to the Digital Age we can improve our life and work, create more appealing designs, save energy and materials and enjoy watching a 3D animation films. The tri-dimensionality is the way we look at the things around us.

3ds max, Maya, Softimage, Mudbox are some of the most popular software solutions for professionals. These products offer the opportunity to express our creativity and make our work easier and free of limitations. Today we need to study and develop new issues about the new emerging sectors that require extensive knowledge and expertise such as Matte Paint, compositing and special effects. AUGI strives to aid the professional environment, collaborating with the animation and design community and providing assistance for creating new and innovative products. Professional training and knowledge are key aspects to achieve digital content with a high visual impact.

This generation of Autodesk software focuses around the fundamental principle of interoperability between applications. This allows a productive cycle where all software products are able to work simultaneously on a single project. The exchange of information between different design applications allows you to put different software users in the same workspace. This way everyone contributes to the success of a project while working with different programs and application logic.

The 2011 versions of Autodesk software are a success in terms of organization and stability and make organized labor much easier. An example of interoperability between software can be seen between 3ds max and Revit. The first is the software dedicated to design and entertainment, the other is the leading BIM software for the AEC design community. These two products are the symbol of Autodesk’s success for the architectural design and digital display. The virtual representation of digital materials and models are really photorealistic. A powerful and flexible way of working that allows the reorganization of scenes and materials without breaking the workflow between different departments at work. The design studio may use visualization and photorealistic renderings for their projects even before their real installations. That is a huge gain for designers, planners, designers, for energy saving and for customers that can now evaluate the project idea to the fullest.