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Supported Autodesk Products: Revit 2019 (identical capabilities available for 2017, 2018)
Compatible / Supported Operating Systems: 
Windows 10, 8, 7
Supported Languages: English

ElumTools™ is a fully integrated lighting calculation Add-in for Autodesk® Revit®.

ElumTools performs accurate point-by-point lighting calculations for both interior and exterior lighting directly within the Revit model using our industry-standard radiosity calculation engine.

ElumTools is able to leveraging existing Revit geometry and luminaire families by utilizing Revit spatial elements of Rooms, Spaces, Regions and Areas as calculation boundaries. The surface reflectance and color can be interpreted from the Revit materials properties and mapped to more suitable values if necessary. Reflectances can also be assigned using Revit Categories to encompass all ceilings, walls and floors for example. Lighting fixture families already present in Revit are used by ElumTools and photometric file associations can be easily created if not already present. A wide variety of prominent manufacturers IES files are available with a few clicks from our cloud-based “Instabase.”

Calculated values are typically in terms of illuminance, although other lighting quantities such as Diffuse Luminance, Exitance, Unified Glare Rating and Daylight Factor are also available. Results can be made visible in any Revit view or Sheet and can be separated as necessary. Statistics are presented in an automated report and are also available to Revit scheduling tools for customization as desired.

Each calculation is presented in an interactive visualization window with complete 3D walk-through capability. Additional tools such as Pseudocolor, Isolines and Spatial Maps can be accessed in the rendered view to assist in the understanding of lighting results. Visualizations travel with the Revit project and can be recalled anytime or removed as desired.


  • Luminaire Manager – Validate Revit lighting fixture families for accurate lighting calculations with control over source specifics. ElumTools generic families are provided.
  • Layout Assistant – If lighting fixture locations are not previously located to meet lighting criterion, ElumTools can predict fixture quantity and location and place them in Revit accordingly.
  • Materials Mapping – Map Revit materials to ElumTools materials for accurate reflectance and transmittance properties.
  • Set Reflectance by Category – Reflectances can also be easily be assigned to all types within a Revit Category such as “Ceilings, Walls and Floors”.
  • Calculation Point Placement – Place calculation point families in boundary defined areas, on lines or any planar faces such as walls or table tops.