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Improved use of AutoCAD Civil 3D Property Set Data for BIM workflows |

While designing infrastructure pipe networks (e.g. sewage, water, gas), it is often necessary to add some non-design data (e.g. pipe material, construction date, current status). This additional data is often used to describe existing utilities. In a BIM process, it can be important for use in subsequent project phases.

As of AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017, you have the possibility to use a new type of non-design data – Property Set Data. The new data type comes with some great features: they are easy to define, are not dependent on a part list and become part of the drawing. There are also some limitations, e.g. you cannot use them in tables, you cannot export them to an .sdf file.

For more than 20 years, StudioARS specializes in developing add-ins for infrastructure pipe networks for AutoCAD and AutoCAD Civil 3D. Urbano Visio for AutoCAD Civil 3D is a productivity add-in that provides tools that improve many workflows for designing gravitational networks. For example you can use Urbano Visio to set a uniform slope across several manholes directly in the profile, change pipe/structure properties for multiple objects at once and calculate the volumes for a simple pipe trench.

The newly released Urbano Visio 2.0 includes support for Property Set Data. You can edit the Property Set Data of multiple objects at once and include them in tables. The add-in bypasses another limitation, important in many modern workflows. The standard AutoCAD Civil 3D functionality for data export to an .ifc file does not include the possibility to export design data like pipe diameter and slope. This makes it difficult to use the .ifc file in a BIM workflow.

Urbano Visio includes a function that can copy AutoCAD Civil 3D design data to Property Set Data. The function is very simple: you need to select the design data within Civil 3D and match them with appropriate Property Set Data. After that you can use standard Civil 3D functions to create an .ifc file. The same function also allows to copy Object Data created with AutoCAD Map 3D functions and Label Expressions  created with AutoCAD Civil 3D, making them usable in a BIM workflow.

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