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Minecraft now lets you export your creations in 3D — but only on Windows 10

Minecraft players will now be able to easily save their in-game creations as 3D models. A new update adds the capability, but it’s among the few features that can only be enjoyed by players on the Windows 10 edition of the game.

The feature was teased in a beta a couple months back, but is now a main-branch feature for the game. Exporting is done by putting a special block down near your sculpture, house or what have you, and giving it a few parameters: how many blocks in this direction to capture, etc.

The game then exports the resulting model directly to Remix 3D, Microsoft’s new platform for sharing 3D models and animations. From there you can share it with others or export again to Paint 3D, where you can further decorate it or export (yet again) to other, more interoperable formats.


(If that seems like too many steps to you, or a little too much Microsoft, feel free to use one of the third-party apps that have done this for years.)

Minecraft long ago made the switchover from niche indie game to global platform, and so far the various versions have more or less maintained feature parity. Versions running on Windows, however, have generally had the lead in advanced features like mods, app integrations and so on.

Windows 10 players should find the new feature next time they boot up the game.