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IKinema LiveAction and Unreal Engine: A Powerful Duo for Live Virtual Experiences

To successfully convince and engage your audience during their virtual experience is the ultimate high-five for creators in the virtual field. Achieved by means of compelling storytelling, dynamic environments, and importantly – characters that behave with infinite realism and believability – essential elements to emotionally connect with characters inside their story, film and TV is the perfect modern-day example.

So, when the project brief for denizens of mediums such as TV broadcast, virtual production, and the arts was to deliver realistic and credible characters, many have relied on our VR and virtual production tech, LiveAction, in UE4 to produce a series of diverse and cutting-edge live virtual shows.

What is LiveAction

At the core of IKinema’s technology, is a powerful full-body IK solver which delivers the most natural and believable motion for 3D animated characters. With LiveAction software, the actor’s performance is live captured using motion capture cameras, the data is instantaneously streamed to Unreal Engine through LiveAction, data is auto-cleaned using ACP filters, then perfectly retargeted to the virtual character (with zero latency). The final output is continuous, uninterrupted natural motion from actor to character, and a powerfully efficient real-time pipeline saving animation teams an immeasurable amount of time and frustration.