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Manage Your Workplace with a SaaS IWMS Solution That Takes Advantage of Your AutoCAD Drawings and Revit Models |

Companies large and small are becoming more aware of their workspaces and the workforces within them, and making conscious decisions about how to support both more effectively. They want to know how they can incorporate the management of their campuses into their daily work lives.

Instead of traditional IWMS solutions, companies are turning to cloud-based SaaS solutions that fit into the way people work throughout the day – mobile, accessible, anywhere, on any device.


iOffice is a 100% cloud-delivered SaaS platform with modules that allow customers to more effectively manage their workplace environments. iOffice’s SaaS platform provides:

  • Continuous, automated upgrades
  • Mobile apps included at no additional cost
  • Subscription based licensing with unlimited users
  • No long-term contracts
  • Rapid, scalable and flexible implementations
  • Easy to use, intuitively designed software

The iOffice platform utilizes AutoCAD drawings and Revit models providing the graphical interface customers desire. The iOffice plug-ins for AutoCAD and Revit allow for a live, bi-directional link between the iOffice platform and the drawing or model. These can then be extended to iOffice’s mobile apps allowing customers to view floor plans, locate space, find equipment, and update data in real-time via their mobile device.

With today’s busy schedules, most Facility Managers are rarely at their desks. They are running around campus, usually helping to put out fires. While doing so, there are still the day-to-day tasks that need to be accomplished. They don’t want to have to go back to their desks at the end of the day only to update their system of record with notes taken throughout the day, or have to synch a device.

With the iOffice platform, Facility Managers can fulfill daily tasks, as well as the unexpected, all while never leaving the comfort of their mobile device. Throughout the day they will be updating their FM data in real-time.

Here’s what a day in the life of a Facility Manager using iOffice looks like:

  • They were informed that John Smith made a ghost move during the night and is no longer in his current position – Utilize the mobile search and locate features to visit the original location, then verify and update his new location
  • They have a management meeting (not in the usual conference room) where they have to report on the building efficiencies (utilization, service requests, etc.) – Utilize the Reservations feature to locate the conference room via the room reservation calendar. Then present your reports during meeting (real time data including ghost move update) utilizing the dashboard and reporting feature
  • The meeting results in them having to provide a move scenario to consolidate a wing. It also results in an unexpected move that is happening next week – Utilize the Scenario Planning feature to determine best approach to consolidating wing. Then submit a Move Project to coordinate the unexpected move
  • They receive a notification that there is a package in the mail room that can’t be delivered – Utilize the platform to determine that it is a new hire that starts in one week and update delivery information accordingly
  • They receive a notification that there are 2 visitors waiting in the lobby (one a solicitor, one drop-in) – Utilize the Visitors module to flag the solicitor and accept the drop-in
  • As they are walking through they see a wall that needs repair – Utilize the Work Order module to take a picture and attach it to a work order that you can create and submit on-the-fly
  • Their HVAC tech has used all the filters and they receive a notification that they need to order more – Utilize the Inventory Management module to confirm and reorder parts as necessary

All these tasks can be accomplished in real-time using a mobile device and interacting visually with a floor plan for many activities. iOffice’s platform provides a unique visual user experience that allows users to accomplish tasks while interacting with graphics – such as floor plans and charts – and a modern user interface expected in todays mobile world.

Of course a key element to this visual experience is floor plans. With iOffice’s interface with AutoCAD drawings and Revit models, and now with Autodesk’s announcement that they are transitioning to a cloud-delivered, subscription based offering (, iOffice is the clear choice for an IWMS solution as both platforms offer similar benefits.

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