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Based in Munich, Germany with offices in San Francisco, metaio is the world-leader in advanced augmented reality software solutions. The diverse Augmented City Platform allows digital developers and designers to turn 3D content into rich AR experiences on mobile, web, and even offline experiences such as industrial prototyping rigs.

“Developers should be able to author AR experiences for a variety of platforms that are both interactive and intuitive for the users,” according to metaio CTO Peter Meier. “Our aim has always been to make the digital a more natural experience.”

The Challenge
3D Developers and modelers have limited options when it comes to freeing their content from the desktop interfaces. Whether the aim is to examine the objects in real space for design purposes or demonstrate their work to potential clients, being anchored to a desktop restricts the ability to adequately communicate depth and scope of a project.

metaio provides a structured development platform that includes multiple accessible Software Development Kits (SDKs), which utilize advanced recognition and tracking technology that can be used in conjunction with almost any 3D rendering engine. In real-time, the metaio’s suite of SDKs go beyond the desktop to recognize and track physical objects onto which developers can attach digital content. The modular nature of the platform allows efficient deployment of AR experiences to mobile, web, or offline platforms like in-store kiosks or industrial applications.

metaio also offers a mobile open-development application called junaio to which modelers and developers can easily export 3D models and animations. You can try out a junaio experience today by downloading the free app at, and visit the website to learn how to browse your world like the web.

The majority of metaio’s software is available for immediate and no-charge download, development and deployment on metaio’s website. Developers and 3D modelers can work together to use metaio’s software to create rich, robust, cross-platform experiences for visualizing 3-D content in the real world. Visit to learn more about metaio’s products.

Custom development licenses and special services support are also available- see the website for more information.

Contact Information.


375 Alabama St.
Suite 400
San Francisco, CA, 94110

tele: 415 814 3376

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