HP and Autodesk

Greater than the sum of two parts

For more than 15 years, HP has worked hard to maintain a close partnership with Autodesk, collaborating to provide Autodesk customers with the workstation and printer solutions they need. HP’s dedication to this partnership has provided significant value for HP customers.

How does it benefit you? HP built a record of commitment to providing solutions specifically for Autodesk applications. It assigned dedicated personnel to test, optimize and support them, and to work with Autodesk to ensure absolute reliability and performance. HP also shares product road maps so that new Autodesk Application functionality will be supported in HP workstations.

To support its partnership with Autodesk and provide a clear and specialized channel for Autodesk support, HP established an engineering test center to test solutions and configurations and optimize them for Autodesk applications, and where appropriate, certify HP solutions with Autodesk testing centers. HP provides workstations to Autodesk support centers so customer problems can be exactly replicated on HP Workstations if needed. This support structure is a somewhat unique offering among workstation vendors, made possible only by the close ties that have been formed between the two companies.

HP provides the industry’s most extensive testing and certification process, performing thousands of software tests on each of its workstations. This ensures that you get the highest reliability and performance with Autodesk applications. And while no amount of testing can anticipate all potential issues, HP tests more applications and goes further to find and fix vulnerabilities than anyone else.

The HP application engineers also develop and maintain special, free utilities. They can be found at www.hp.com/ go/autodesk. The HP Performance Tuning Framework is the cornerstone of these offerings, providing a downloadable utility that quickly and easily tunes your HP workstation. It helps you create a custom configuration with the best certified graphics drivers for your unique Autodesk application. It also helps you understand memory constraints, simplifies upgrades and serves as a platform for additional utilities and capabilities.


One Framework utility of particular note is the configuration manager. It allows you to quickly gather up all the detailed system configuration information you need to help you maintain and troubleshoot your workstation on one screen, with the touch of a button and allows you to send that information to technical support representatives at both HP and Autodesk so that they can better understand your particular configuration. This utility alone can save you as much as 30-60 minutes the next time you need tech support.

HP’s relationship applies to the full spectrum of HP products, which is why HP large format printers work better and faster for Autodesk applications. In addtion, Autodesk uses HP workstations to develop its software and test its applications. Autodesk’s keystone products, AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, Architectural Studio, Revit and others, are built from the ground up on HP workstations, a clear demonstration of Autodesk’s confidence in HP.

With HP, highly developed and reliable technology is only part of the benefit. You gain the depth of knowledge and experience that only a long-term commitment to partnership can provide. You gain the trust that you are choosing the company Autodesk chooses to help ensure its success. You gain a partner in excellence.

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