HuenSystem Co., Ltd.

Ez-ISO / Automatic Pipe Isometric Drawing For Revit

Supported Autodesk Applications: Revit
Compatible OS: Windows
Supported Languages: English

Ez-ISO is the Revit Add-in program to automatically generate non-scale isometric drawings from the Autodesk Revit piping model.

Base Concept of Ez-ISO
This program is developed for the automatic production of Piping Isometric Drawings from Revit model or piping 3D data files(IDF, PCF). This program is the system developed with the proprietary ISO engine by Huensystem, not Alias’ ISO engine. It performs and manages efficiently all piping process for projects connected systems, such as Piping Material Management(Ez-PIMM), Pipe Spool Drawing Generation(Ez-Spool) and Piping Weld Management(Ez-Weld).

Purpose of Ez-ISO
The number of Piping Isometric Drawings is generated depending on a project, such drawing production and quantity surveying by human cause wasted costs, the low efficiency of pipe construction and delay of the construction period. In addition, the process for efficient management and fast performance is required as plant project is more enlarging and complicated. This program is developed for the automatic production of Piping Isometric Drawings from Revit model or piping 3D data files(IDF, PCF) and able to generate Piping Isometric Drawings accurately and quickly.

Advantages of Ez-ISO
It is produced as the format of Revit Add-in and it is able to view via Ez-ISO Viewer depending on a user selection of all or parts before extracting isometric drawings. It generates automatically isometric drawings as ones by Alias’ ISOGEN or better quality. It generates the automatic separation in the case of the long or complicated pipeline. It has performed over 50 sized projects and generated over one million of isometric drawings. It has been developed as the solution to use Piping Spool(Ez-Spool) and Welding Point Management(Ez-Weld) by isometric drawings from Revit.


  • Produces Piping Isometric Drawings
  • Generates BOM reports and outputs
  • Compares and Manages Drawing Revision
  • Adds and Manages Symbols
  • Clouds & Rev No. Marking
  • Converts DWG file
  • Pipe Spool Cutting(Ez-Spool)
  • Revision Comparison(Ez-Spool)



$7,000 for lease per year

Contact Information.

HuenSystem Co., Ltd.

B-412 Woolim Lions Valley
371-28 Gassan-dong Geum cheon-gu
South Korea

tele: 827043473805
fax: 827043473805

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