Autodesk University: Find Your Place in the Future of Making Things

If you work in the fields of product design or electrical engineering, you know the speed at which today’s industries are evolving. Advances in processing power, storage efficiency, and networking speed are changing what’s possible for the devices we build. The materials, machines, and processes we use to design are undergoing transformation on a routine basis. And entire new industry sectors, like the Internet of Things, are springing up and establishing themselves within the span of a few years. Nothing stays the same for long.

That makes it an exhilarating time to be a part of these fields, but also a challenging one. Every few years, you need to acquire new skills, new approaches, and new ways of thinking to stay competitive, from new methods to create and test designs to new tactics to collaborate with teams to entirely new uses for the products you make.

Autodesk University (AU) is your partner in adapting to these changes. It’s the place to network with other professionals who are facing the same challenges you face and to learn from the experts who are leading the way.

Learning for a World of Change
Join engineering and design professionals of all stripes at AU Las Vegas, November 14-16, for three days of exploration and learning. You’ll be alongside thousands of other professionals that come together to share knowledge and perspectives on the transformations taking place and how best to survive and thrive during this dynamic time. And you’ll get to learn the latest developments with new technologies like intelligent automation, and new product industries, like the IoT.

AU isn’t just a place to gain knowledge and insight, but also to share it—not only with peers, but also with the Autodesk development teams. Have input on the features Autodesk products need next, or how a feature could be improved? Attending AU is a great way to make your voice heard.

  • Expand your skills with 600+ classes—At the heart of AU are the more than 600 learning sessions taught by experts and thought leaders from the fields of engineering, design, manufacturing, architecture, construction, and media & entertainment. The sessions dive into a range of topics, from software tools you use every day to new and innovative workflows that could help you save time and money. You’ll find groundbreaking case studies and examinations of important industry trends. Class formats are diverse, ranging from instructional demos and hands-on labs to industry talks, panels, and roundtables. Each format has its appeal, depending on what and how you like to learn. And classes are offered for beginners and advanced users alike.

  • Gain insight from keynotes and other presentations—AU is the place to hear from Autodesk executives and the people behind Autodesk software. You’ll get insight into the future direction for Autodesk products and the trends they think will make a difference. Autodesk CEO Andrew Anagnost will open the conference with a keynote about automation and the future of work, while product and technology keynotes will fill you in on important trends and what lies ahead for the Autodesk products you use day to day. And don’t miss the Theater where you can catch short, dynamic presentations by thought leaders on topics such as cloud computing, generative design, and mixed reality.


  • Explore the Exhibit Hall—In addition to classroom learning at AU, you’ll find hundreds of booths, galleries, and interactive displays in the Exhibit Hall that give you a chance to get up close and personal with the technologies shaping how we work and live.


  • Connect with Autodesk—AU is a great way to connect with peers and colleagues, but it’s also a good way to connect directly with Autodesk developers, product managers, and leaders—the people who make the tools you use. Through keynotes, user research sessions, and the Answer Bar, you can learn what they have planned for Autodesk products, give your input and feedback, and get questions answered 1-on-1.


  • Learn online anytime—After the conference wraps up, a significant portion of the sessions become available to watch for free online anytime. Download the class materials, review anything you missed, check out sessions you couldn’t attend, and recommend them to colleagues who couldn’t make it to AU Las Vegas. At AU online, class is always in session.

The diverse fields of engineering are undergoing a period of significant change. AU is the place to gain understanding about where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow. And it’s a chance to do so with 10,000 people just like you.


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