CablEquity™ 2011 is the most powerful, usable and user friendly HES™ (Hardware Electrical Systems) design application available on the market today.

CablEquity™ 2011 is the most powerful, usable and user friendly HES™ (Hardware Electrical Systems) design application available on the market today. It can handle unlimited number of products, projects, designs and revisions. It’s included comprehensive revision control mechanism. It’s incorporated brand new way for automatically generated assembly drawings, schematics, bills of materials, diagrams, others.

CablEquity™ offers an automated design process for HES™ from concept to manufacturing of highly integrated electronic equipment, capital equipment, high-tech instrumentation, any kind of electro-mechanical or electrical assemblies, mechatronic systems and products. It is a unique and only bridge on the market between ECAD and MCAD programs. The software recognizes files from schematic capture or PCB layout applications, and exports files to 3D MCAD programs. CablEquity™ includes a comprehensive parametric components database with build-in search and cross-reference engine; engines that automatically generate assembly drawings, schematics and BOMs; control systems schematic capture; revision control; project management; and other functionalities. It enables design re-use and partitioning and helps ensure that designs are right the first time, manufacturable the first time, and operate reliably every time. CablEquity™ prevents potential system failure later in production, maintains data integrity, and manages all engineering, manufacturing and management processes during development – in an all in one, easy-to-use tool. It is only application on the market in its category that was awarded a US Patent. CablEquity™ is a unique combination of CAD functionalities and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) capabilities. Using CablEquity™ productivity increases more than 100x, and company’s budget decreases more than 100x.

“We are extremely pleased to be certified again under the Autodesk Inventor Certified Applications Program. This clearly demonstrates both companies’ dedication to providing effective solutions for our customers. CablEquity now successfully integrates with Inventor 9, 10, 11, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012”, says Alex Chernyak, president of TurboTools.

“TurboTools is a long time strategic partner in providing innovative design and manufacturing solutions for our customers”, said Tim Gray, director of Inventor product management at Autodesk. “We are pleased to extend Autodesk Inventor 2012 certification to TurboTools.”

There is a summary of CablEquity™ benefits:

  1. No mistakes allowed – ERROR FREE environment
  2. No more delivery delays, meets all delivery schedules
  3. Full manufacturing documentation package (different ASSY drawings, schematic, BOM, etc.) output in less than 15 min
  4. Easy to use, tremendously shortens design flow
  5. Significantly improves designs’ robustness
  6. Increases designers higher performance
  7. Intuitive interface
  8. Short learning curve
  9. Improves critical path for entire project

There are a few key functionalities that identifying CablEquity™ as a very useful and powerful tool:

  1. Reach database with over 10,000 cross-reference searchable RoHS compliant components in 2D and 3D formats
  2. Front-end integration with ECADs
  3. Output integration with 2D and 3D MCADs
  4. Comprehensive DRC (Design Rule Checking), which are not allow to make mistakes
  5. Standard copy/past functionalities for all products, projects, designs, revisions and even components
  6. Automatic generation cable assembly drawings, wire list, nail board, schematic and BOMs with total components quantity and lengths
  7. System level schematic capture
  8. All reports are viewable and editable on the screen, printable, and exportable in the common file formats like Excel, PDF, DXF, DWG and others
  9. Output data compatible with CRM, ERP, PDM, PLM systems
  10. Barcode labels, automatically generated, available for assemblies, components or documentation

Along with rich components database, CablEquity™ has embedded utilities that allow adding components into databases. The designer has two choices: to copy and clone existing components with or without modifications; or create components from scratch. The designer can create new manufacturers, new part numbers, and new descriptions, as well as create new or modify any existing shapes, and assign 3D solid models to the new components. All of this can be done within CablEquity™ without 3rd party software.

All assembly drawings, schematics, BOMs application creates automatically with a simple touch of the button. Company logo and company info automatically goes into title block on assembly drawing and schematic. Total lengths for wires, cables, sleeving, etc. calculates by software and sum up into BOMs, which can be output in more than 55 files formats like PDF, XLS, DOC, TXT, etc.

All conversions into PDF, DXF, DWG, etc, do not require 3rd party converters or any software, everything is build-in. Designer can even automatically create bar-code labels for assemblies inside the CablEquity™. Simply, CablEquity™ is a time and money saving machine!

Contact Information.

TurboTools™ Corporation

2190-31st Avenue
San Francisco, CA, 94116

tele: 1.415.759.5599
fax: 1.415.759.5599

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