The HP Digital Workbench

Integrated Solutions that Supercharge Your Productivity

In today’s competitive business environment, with its tight budgets, short deadlines and increasing awareness of the need for conservation of resources and capital, advantage goes to the organization that can get more done, better, in less time and with the greatest possible efficiency. With Autodesk applications and a virtual digital workbench from HP, that advantage is yours.

What is a digital workbench? Just as a conventional workbench is a work platform where all tools and resources needed to get the job done are immediately available and ready at hand, the digital workbench is a combination of hardware and software tools that enable your productivity and help you to achieve the best possible results at the least possible cost. The lynchpin of the whole workbench solution is a powerful and reliable HP Z Workstation optimized for the mission critical Autodesk applications you depend upon. Tied to this is an efficient, accurate HD monitor such as the HP DreamColor LP2480zx Professional Display and an efficient, accurate plotter for large scale visualization such as the HP Designjet Z2100 Photo Printer series. Finally you need software and specialized productivity utilities that pull it all together and help you to work the way you want to work, wherever you need to work and with whomever you need to work.

The Backbone

The backbone of the HP Digital Workbench is a high-performance HP Z workstation. HP offers a broad range of powerful and reliable workstations for all workstation users, ranging from desktop-class capable HP EliteBook Mobile Workstations right up to the powerhouse HP Z800 Workstation with its two 4-core processors, massive 64-bit memory capacity and support for two top of the line graphics cards and up to eight displays. HP workstations are exhaustively tested and certified for Autodesk applications in partnership with Autodesk. No one can claim as long a partnership with Autodesk as HP either, more than 16 years working hand-in-hand for their customers’ success. HP Workstations aren’t merely certified for Autodesk applications, they are optimized for them, something that is only possible thanks to the close relationship between the two companies.

Collaboration Tools

Some of the new tools for the HP Digital Workbench greatly improve the area of collaboration, and hence your creativity and your productivity. Two of these tools are Remote Graphics Software and HP SkyRoom video conferencing software. Gone are the days of having to email files or mail print-outs to remote contributors, or set up FTP sites to download proprietary information, with the huge delays and security concerns involved, plus the potential for confusing multiple versions of files. This innovative software allows you to share designs and video conference over conventional networks, in real-time, without security concerns. Days and even weeks of production time can be saved.

Optimization Solutions

While HP workstations come certified and ready to work with Autodesk applications, no user at this level should be forced to work the way someone else wants them to. HP’s Performance Tuning Framework gives you the power to tune your workstation for the specific applications you use, for the conditions you work under and to keep your workstation optimized to your needs for maximum reliability and performance. This piece of the Digital Workbench allows you to tune and optimize the way you work, improving you productivity and effectiveness.

Super Accurate Color

Seeing is believing, and for the most realistic color visualizations on screen or on paper, you need HP DreamColor technology. With HP DreamColor displays, the colors you see as you work, and the colors and textures your clients see in review, are the same ones they will see when the project is completed. DreamColor capable printers and plotters from HP extend this capability to hardcopy output, allowing you to send design galleys out, that pop with photorealistic color and detail. Your customers will know what they are getting, what it will look like long before the first part is machined, the first scene is filmed or the first stone is laid.

Enabling Accessories

You can certainly use a workstation with just a mouse and keyboard and get exceptional results, but once you use a programmable 3D input device like the SpacePilot, you’ll never go back. The SpacePilot and similar devices enable you to zoom, pan, and rotate 3D models as well as providing a platform for single-button shortcuts for functions you use constantly, saving huge amounts of time every week.

What all this adds up to is a solution that is greater than the sum of its parts, a solution that saves you time and speeds production, thus making you more competitive and more effective in your industry. That’s more than you can ask from most workbenches, but what you expect from HP.

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