Roll Form and Tube Mill Tooling – COPRA® RF 2009 and COPRA® FEA RF 2009

When doing the first steps of development in the middle of the Nineties of the last century we had some dreams what Simulation Technology could do one day. Today these dreams have come true. COPRA® FEA RF 2009 helps to understand the roll form process, trace for occurring problems and do a target- oriented optimisation. Of course also roll form technology is developing so that it is necessary to add new possibilities into the FEA software.

Model with driven stations

Up to version 2007 COPRA® FEA RF worked without friction and rolls were not rotating. This has advantages for the estimation of the quality of the design itself, but it did not take into account design elements like a step up of the root diameter, longitudinal elongation or hole deflection of the strip caused by different speeds. With COPRA® FEA RF 2009 it is now possible to automatically build an FEA model with rotating rolls and friction.

COPRA® RF 2009 comes with a new commercial package and a lot of additional possibilities for the simulation of roll formed tubes and sections.This new version has come closer to reality than any other simulation- or analysis software ever. However – not only the FE Analysis software but also our known design package COPRA® RF has got enhanced. One example is the handling of cage forming methods and interfaces to 3D CAD/CAM Systems, Inventor.

Cage Forming

The design of a cage can be done very easily, the results will also be automatically prepared for the simulation. Besides optimising the quality of the tube forming, the simulation helps to optimise e.g. downhill and cage-mill-settings.

The main highlights of COPRA® RF are:

  • COPRA® – projects can be linked with a document (drawing). This means: COPRA® has got a real multi document feature which allows for an easy comparison of different design projects or a simple way to design combination tool sets.
  • Definition of swages and claws in the end profile.
  • Bidirectional exchange of data between COPRA® RF AutoCAD (graphical way to design the flower) and COPRA® RF Spread-Sheet (spread sheet based design of flower pattern).
  • Object oriented design of roll tooling based on AutoCAD- functionality. The users will love it…
  • Design of free defined rolls with undercuts or bearings inside; including subsequent roll drawing generation or assembly plans…
  • Use of parametric roll types like cylindric or conic roll types.
  • Use of drawing rings or dies.
  • Automatic design of cage forming systems.
  • New types of roll stands: 4 roll fin pass and 5 roll welding pass.
  • 3-dimensional representation of COPRA®-projects in Autodesk Inventor.

COPRA® MetalBender as 64bit version for AIS2010/64

(The COPRA® MetalBender for

AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop and Inventor)

data M Software sheet metal technology is integrated into the Autodesk Inventor® functionality for sheet metal part design. Many powerful sheet metal features are already available for the professional designer.

To enhance the existing design features and as an addition to the already existing technology for press brakes data M now also offers a solution for transitions, e.g. for HVAC applications.
The COPRA® Metal Bender TD·i is very easy to use and takes into account the specific requirements of sheet metal parts.

Beside the technical necessary adjustments to the newest Inventor and AutoCAD versions from Autodesk, the functionality of COPRA® MetalBender TD·i was also extended. The TD·i – Library is extended by the flexible pipe run.

Precise flat pattern calculation at press button: The new COPRA® MetalBender Analyser·i. Now you can unfold the solids you designed sharp-edged or imported into the new CAD system Inventor® with manufacture in mind – without the need for re-working your solids. COPRA® MetalBender Analyser·i is the logical enhancement of the flat pattern calculation already existing in Inventor®, which is also based on data M Software sheet metal engineering technology.

COPRA® MetalBender Desktop and Desktop LE allow the fully parametric design of sheet metal bending parts. Due to the easy handling of the application (“Windows-look-and-feel” user environment) and the powerful design utilities even complex sheet metal bending parts can be designed very quickly and reliably.

COPRA® MetalBender Desktop is the parametrically designed member within the COPRA® MetalBender software family.

The features are consistently built on the technology of the COPRA® MetalBender 3D.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact:

Mr. Albert Sedlmaier
Phone:             +49 8024 640-0
Fax:                 +49 8024 640-300
Reprint free of charge; Author’s copy kindly requested.

Valley, April 2009

Contact Information.

data M Software + Engineering

Am Marschallfeld 17
83626 Valley, Bavaria,

tele: +49.8024.640.0
fax: +49.8024.640.300

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